Writers write books,
Artists paint  paintings,
Composers compose songs.
And Games? Who actually creates games?

Just like every book is writen by a writer, every game is created by a game designer.
For instance me: Anja Wrede. I design games.*

* And in german language, I offer some other services as well.




Noris 2017

A Cooperation: Anja Wrede & Christoph Cantzler

We worked on it for a long time, we changed a lot of things: Here it is right now, published by Noris.
Many things changes, some things stayed the same:
The ghosts kept the apperance, they had already in our prototype. 
They are hidden in this picture …

Here it is obvious: During the toy fair 2017, we show our happyness at the publisher's booth!
Christoph, me … and Markus Müller, the responsable productmanager.
We say THANK YOU to the Noris Team: They did a great job!

New Games in 2017


Geisteruhr, together with Christoph Cantzler, Noris Spiele

Cat and Meow

Cat & Meo (Katz und Schmaus), together with Christoph Cantzler, Pegasus

DIY Games, Gruner & Jahr (German Family Magazine)


Junggle, Anja Wrede & Bruno Faidutti, Z-man Games (only USA)

Stickman, together with Christoph Cantzler, Helvetiq


Dog Rallye, together with Christoph Cantzler, HABA