My Games: alphabetical order

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My Games: chronological

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At first, all games are handmade Mockups.
Most of them stay at the publishers house. The publisher takes care for them and puts them into his archive.
Some of them are at my place. And they (still) stay here, e.g. because:

  • they are not ready yet.
  • I do not like them anymore, the are mistakes inside or someone else had a similar idea, was faster to publish it … and I do not have the heart to shoot them.
  • I got them back, rejected from a publisher.
  • I am VERRY sure to find THE publisher someday.
  • I got them back after beeing published because the publisher does not want to put them into a archive.

These days, some of the last categorie I sent to the Spielearchiv Nürnberg. They will take care for them. This is a great honor for me!
And I learned something new: elastic bands, who once did a good job holding cards together, don't have a long life. They dry out and leave traces on the cards. So the Archivist does not like them at all …